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The whicharchitect Launch at Grand Designs Live was a huge success. Comments received;

"We have spent five months looking for an architect. This could have helped!" - S. Bishop, Oxon

"I feel stimulated by so many great ideas." - Camilla Airchison

"Excellent idea- very helpful, thanks." - R. Monsloy-Architect

"Excellent idea, extremely useful." - Brendan

"It`s very informative - seems to be easy to move around for those who are not used to web information. It is also very important to have samples of work available." - Mrs. Tarry

"An interesting and valuable site." - Fiona Darbyshire

"Useful site." - CREO-Barry Haythornthwaite-Architectural Visualization

"Good idea." - J.Moss

"Very heplful." - D.Phillips

"Great idea.Thanks." - I. Harvey

"Very interesting, useful website." - N. Adam

"Very helpful, thanks." - G. Wils

"Fantastic, very useful." - Dragan

"Great idea. Raise your profile more!" - H. Grondahl

"Very useful & helpful." - Frances Whitley

"Good resource" - Iaix Johncoch

"Very useful resource to save time." - Barrie Parker

"We need more drawings(plans,sections, elvations)/Live/Work site/new build/low budget/search, very informative/good quality images, good display boards-really beautiful" - Philip O`Reilly

"Very helpful, information everyone needs." - Mark Byrne

"Useful website, as resource for architects too." - Mario Yacoub

"Very useful will talk to my company." - Karin Yiannakou

"Looks like a very useful website, will definitely look it up in the future."- Daryl Weston

"Would like to see new homes for sale." - Chris Artoy

"A very useful service, will be using it now." - Rick Cuttini

"Very good." - Teresa, Gravesend

Excellent! - Caro...