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Chiswick Green

The interior and roof terraces of a penthouse apartment were completely remodelled and a series of large scale bespoke furniture insertions were designed to accommodate the clients voluminous and specific storage requirements and entertainment systems. These elements were employed to link ‘solid’ masses, orientate and differentiate spaces and functions, and to give a sense of enclosure and intimacy relating to the human scale, whilst maintaining continuous space all round the penthouse.

A simple palette of materials was selected to create a muted backdrop for the brightly coloured object d’art and paintings displayed. Certain elements were colour-matched to specific colours in paintings hung nearby. The white resin flooring of the mezzanine ‘spills’ down the white folded steel steps onto the warm beige stone of lower floor; warm grey stone slabs form the bath and shower enclosures; white and black Corian was used to create kitchen island unit and vanity units.

Our close collaboration with lighting designers resulted in the provision of different light sources to achieve a variety of ‘mood scenarios’. Concealed strip lights were installed within furniture elements to ‘provide a sense of movement and dynamism and ‘float’ objects off the floor or hold elements apart.


Chiswick Green