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One Perren Street

Commissioned as a private development for British documentary maker and commercials director Nicholas Barker, No. 1 Perren Street is the conversion of an old organ works into a spacious six -bedroom house.

With minimal alteration to the building façade, the dramatic interior remodelling was conceived in relation to the client's filmic explorations as a sequential narrative of interconnected compressed and open spaces: carefully composed views are framed, both internally and externally; movement is orchestrated using contrasts of light and dark against playful sculptural forms, both solid and translucent.

Entry is via cavernous entrance hall at ground level where cellular private bedrooms are carved out of a solid timber cladding. A timber stair climbs towards the lighter open plan reception spaces of the upper floor providing access to the social heart of the house. Solid installations integrated within the revealed structure create thresholds and provide intimate spaces within the generous volumes, whilst a 6m high translucent textured GRP (glass reinforced plastic) stair wall rises from the timber datum to a frameless glass skylight two stories above, inviting the guest upwards to the master suite and the elevated amenity spaces of a roof terrace. At the top floor, the stair wall converses with a sculptural bespoke bath of the same material within the master bedroom. The timber datum differentiates the private recesses from the social spaces.


One Perren Street