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Casa Maria

Casa Maria is an unusual property sited on a spectacular sloped plot on the edge of Hampstead Heath. Built in the mid 18th century as a billiard room for the adjacent manor house the 175sqm building was converted into a family residence in the late 1950ís.

Originally appointed to re-design the family area on the lower ground floor, SCAPE extended the brief, making a grand gesture of the stairwell to bring architectural coherence to the three storeys of the house.

The scheme unifies the contrasting characters of the family room, the reception area and the master suite by animating the house with a stupendous acrylic wall and stairwell. The translucent wall, which extends the full height of the building, casts a complex play of light and shadow throughout the house, filtering light down through the property.

A timber staircase wraps itself around the acrylic wall, making a vantage point from which to survey the heath.


Casa Maria