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Thermal Comfort of the Library Building

Evaluation of available systems to meet the criteria requirement for thermal comfort in the Library building. There is a natural solar radiation on the site which will reflect on the facade (east to west) and entire part of the Library while the day (depending season). This sun light will not be sufficent for gain heat in the building even with presence of solar panels. For so, the presence of a central heating will be the main source of heat(internal gain)from basement to top floor acting as a cross , conventional over ventilation. Rating:1-6kw Part of the METABOLIC ACTIVITIES: Artificial lighting appliances Philips MASTER TL-D ECO (T8 is a new family of fluorescent lamps, which will directly replace most existing T8 fluorescent lamps in offices, shops, schools and other buildings whilst offering an energy saving of more than 10%. This offers a far higher quality of light (Ra 80) than standard fluorescent lamps and contains industry leading low levels of mercury (2mg). The energy savings potential of this new range of lamps is very significant as it will allow almost all Europe's older less efficient and lower quality fluorescent lamps to be replaced. VENTILATION:Active Chilled beams overview Frenger Systems manufactures and supplies a range of active chilled beams. They draw upon high performance technologies and patented design features to deliver efficient cooling to commercial, leisure educational and healthcare environments. The vertical batteries that characterise Frenger's range of active chilled beams enables the units to deliver unrivalled levels of cooling capacity with a given air volume. The units are so efficient that they can provide in excess of 200w/mē with fresh air supply of as little as 1litre /s/mē. Active chilled beam units are designed to integrate into suspended ceiling systems. They fit easily into the most common ceiling designs and have removable faceplates that can be perforated to match perforated metal ceilings where required. This removable


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