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Design Benchmarking

The existing site conditions are really appropriate for the require Library implantation.
Engorged of light from the morning to the evening, the proposed building will benefit of a nice source of natural light(east to west).Under this factor the building energy rating will be excellent.
The risk of any flooding will be reduice of 50% by the presence of the green flat roof.
The building will do well in energy. Reduicing the demand of heat and light.
U value:0.305 W/m2K
With strong walls insulation, the road noise will be avoid and the building facing the national road will benefit of a straight forward access.
Aware of the ecologic protection, the demolition of the actual garage situated on the parcel will reduice the amount of cars/ pollution in the area.The bike park included between the library and the Masoni Hall will also encourage people to cycle.
The actual parcel space will be optimised by a single road access (in/out).
The Library will be a clear and distinct building. Standing out by its contemporary style, refreshing and fitting within the Golf and Masonic hall lines. A « new place to visit and enjoy aswell as a moment of peace to read ». The use of glass panels windows on the first floor(7.5m from ground level)will permit a variable but controlled visual comfort as the lenght of daytime and external lighting levels vary considerably according to season. This results in the need to attenuate lighting to differing degrees as a function of the orientation (facing east) of the building façade will offer an overview on the city of Chingford aswell as the Epping Golf.

Presence of It equipment on the basement generating high C02 level.
Computer +monitor.
2000+150x (180/60)=1.05kWh
30x (5/60)= 0.0025 kWh
Total energy= 1.05+0.025=1.075kWh

C02 generated per IT unit:
1.075 x 0.44= 0.473kg

0.473 x0.509= 0.241m3




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