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The Charter School

This project completely transformed the original LCC campus into an exemplary modern learning environment for 1200 pupils including the sixth form.

Initially two existing blocks were transformed, with the courtyard block opened up and roofed over to form the new school’s entrance and foyer; the ‘new heart’ of the school. From here glazed routes lead to the school hall, the dining block, the library, teaching spaces and the sports hall alongside a series of re-landscaped courts. In the centre of the new entrance foyer a steel tree-like structure supports the new partially-glazed roof. Beyond this structure natural light floods dramatically in, leading one towards the main parts of the school beyond. The use of this roof as a collector both of solar energy and of rainwater for recycling are visible manifestations of the school’s commitment to a sustainable future.

The main 4-storey block has been stripped back to the structural frame and rebuilt. Re-clad with a multicoloured patterned façade, this building has been designed to improve the environmental qualities of teaching spaces with C02 sensors to external air vents, night time ventilation, and upgraded acoustic and thermal performance with fully integrated servicing. The hall has been revitalised with improved access, lighting, a café/foyer area and an audio visual installation to allow a wide range of uses including a lecture theatre.




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